Code of Conduct

Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend (“PAW” “PAW con”) 2024 Code of Conduct

General Conduct: Please use common sense and respect others’ right to enjoy the event. Any activity which is illegal outside the event is still illegal inside the event. Event or hotel staff may ask you to stop any activity or take it to a private room. Repeat offenders may be required to leave the event. Event staff retain the right to deny entry to anyone; you can be asked to leave at any time without warning or particular infraction to these stated rules of conduct. By attending the event, you affirm that you are not a convicted sex offender and are not on any federal or state sex offender registry. You understand and agree that PAWCon does not screen or evaluate attendees prior to admission.

Media and Photography: You agree not to act as any kind of media agent or to use any photograph or recording of any convention event or attendee for any investigative or commercial purpose. The Board of Directors must approve any exceptions in advance. You agree that convention staff may photograph attendees in the convention space and use those photos for promotional purposes only; the convention will not sell any such photos or give them to any media entity.

Hotel: Please abide by all the hotel’s rules and policies and treat other hotel guests with respect. If the hotel expels you for any reason, you immediately forfeit your event membership. You are responsible for any damage you cause to hotel property. If you observe anyone causing any damage to hotel property, please report this immediately to Con Ops or Public Safety. Do not sleep in any public space. Do not throw anything off the balconies.

Harassment, Assault, or Threats: Do not intentionally annoy or alarm another person. This includes making any unwanted physical contact, following someone around without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically attack someone. It also includes conduct, attire, or speech that targets, threatens, intimidates, or is otherwise intended to cause distress to other attendees or members of protected classes (such as those based on race, age, religion, national origin, disability, gender, or sexual identity). If you approach someone and they tell you “no” or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you do not leave them alone, you may be required to leave the event. If you feel that you are being harassed, or if you have been assaulted, please report the matter immediately to Con Ops or to Public Safety. If you know of anyone planning to cause harm, violate a parole restriction, or violate a restraining order, please approach police with your knowledge. After you have notified the police, please also notify Public Safety. If you become aware of such violations during the con, please immediately go to Public Safety for help.

Weapons: If it even looks like a firearm or has a real blade, do not bring it onto hotel property. Whips and prop weapons must be peace-bonded by Convention Staff. Water guns and silly string are not allowed on hotel property.  No use of laser devices other than certified A/V lighting is permitted.

Parties: Please keep noise levels at any gathering low enough that people outside your room can’t readily hear you, and close your room door after 10:00pm (later on the party floor per the Party Floor Hosts agreement). Party hosts must verify the ID and legal drinking age of anyone who is consuming alcohol; hosts on the party floor must provide wristbands and otherwise conform to the Party Floor Hosts agreement. Do not serve alcohol to anyone who is already obviously intoxicated. All gatherings anywhere in the hotel agree to abide by any decisions of hotel personnel or Public Safety.

Alcohol and Drugs: Please don’t consume alcohol in any public space unless the hotel served it to you. Smoking (including e-cigs and vapes) is allowed only in areas designated by the hotel; please note that the party floor balcony is NOT one of those areas. Marijuana, as well as any illegal substances, are not allowed on hotel property at any time.

Attire: Please wear at least a shirt, shorts, and shoes if you’re visible from any public space, and keep all “gear” reasonably discreet. If event or hotel staff ask you to modify your attire, please do so. Uniforms, armbands, or any other attire worn in a manner that would cause a reasonable member of the general public to feel threatened or intimidated are prohibited.

Underage Members: Minors under the age of 16 as of the first day of the event must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian who also registers as an event attendee. Minors at least 16 years of age and under the age of 18 as of the first day of the event may attend by presenting an original, signed, notarized consent form from a parent or legal guardian.

Badges: Convention memberships, whether pre-registered or on-site, are not refundable, but may be transferred to another person or to the following year’s event if a badge has not been issued. Once issued, badges cannot be refunded or given to another person for any reason. However, we will honour requests for refunds if we are forced to delay or cancel an event.

Violations and Appeals: Violation of these policies will be handled by event staff as deemed appropriate. Disciplinary action may be appealed to the Board of Directors. Decisions made by a majority of the Board of Directors are final.

Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the convention and its staff from any claims or losses related to or arising out of the work of the convention. Liability is limited to the cost of your membership. Attendance at the event is at your own risk.